Open Harmony                   steel, light, rubber; 124"x 72"x72"

photo of "open harmony" large scale sculpture

Color, Texture, Light, Shadow


Tamara was born in Houston, Texas and has spent her life in various parts of the southern United States. As an artist, much of her influence has come from everything she sees, feels and experiences while living in and exploring the diverse landscapes of thesouthern United States. Tamara now lives and works beside a rural lake located among tall, sky sweeping cypress trees. She talks about her current body of work below. 

"Making art has been essential to my life since my earliest memories. Reflecting on the early cavewoman art of my childhood, I find circles to be one of the basic structures that always appeared.This fascination with the circle prevails in my current work. Even if the overall form begins as a traditional rectangle, a radial balance is often part of the design, though sometimes obscurely. Circles have their own delicate version of grace and beauty as one of nature’s recurring motifs.

When I begin making a new object, I often start by working with a particular shape I wish to incorporate into a piece, or a new surface texture I discovered, or a new material I have found fascinating. I thrive on the influence of my surroundings, thus many of my materials have come from my sojourns across the southern United States and the environment surrounding my past studio on the shores of Lake Nacogdoches and my current studio on Caddo Lake. I respond to this stimulation with the intuitive part of my brain to invent new techniques, acquire new skills and make each new work innovative to me in some way. My work is fueled by a contrasting variety of concepts such as rusted and shiny, light and heavy, delicate and rugged.

I hope each piece represents something familiar, but unexpected, echoing ordinary things and places while allowing for a mysterious encounter. " 

Artist's Statement